Thursday 3 October 2013

Updating Sketchbook and Cards

3rd October 2013

I have been trying to update my book of work at least once a week, it helps me to stay focussed-well that is the idea!!

This is also a learning curve and hopefully is improving with each unit.

I find it quite difficult to plan in detail as I often make changes as I am actually stitching!!

I quite enjoy this task and often refer back to my other unit books to refresh my memory of past work.

I then made more card stock ready for my next Craft Fair...

These three 4 inch square cards are from my 'good value' range and prove popular at 50p each or 5 for £2, they could be tied in ribbon and given as a Notelets Gift. 

I used my favourite tool-soldering iron-to make the next two.


This is my favourite! 

All the fabric is hand dyed, the petals are backed with Bondaweb to secure prior to free machining. The background is open weave scrim  backed by linen which gives a subtle effect. 

I like to think of these as keepsake cards which can be framed...

Now I really must make some braids.

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