Tuesday 30 July 2013

Cards and layered 'ice dyed' fabrics

30th July 2013

I have had a really busy day today free machining and making some fabric cards.

I practised my free machining by creating a Zentangle design on black felt.

 So much fun doodling  with  machine stitches!

The next 2 cards were made with 'dog lovers' in mind!!

Hand printed linen background and fabric dog.

                                         Satin stitch collar and a bead eye.

My next project was layering and texture (an extended sample) from Unit 3.

I used my 'ice dyed' fabrics, calico, velvet and muslin and layered them and frayed the muslin for texture.
                                          Before stitching.

I used programmed stitches, zigzag, satin, straight and feather stitch in various lengths and widths.   There are quite a few frayed edges, the muslin is really good for this, but the photo isn't very good!!
Wish my daughter lived nearer to help with the photos.

My last project of the day was free machining the 'wet felted' Merino Fleece. It took nearly 2 hours to machine the granite stitch in silk thread! I then decided to machine and embellish the circles with stitching and iridescent beads.
                                         Wet felted Merino Fleece

Granite stitch background with embellished circles.

Monday 29 July 2013

Flower using layering, printing and dried flower bookmarks!

29th July 2013

I started the day printing fabric and paper backgrounds ready for future projects.

                             I used these to print, the leaves and grass give a lovely delicate print.

A selection of fabrics, cotton, calico and scrim.

Hand made papers with different textures.

                                            I then used my dried flowers to make bookmarks.

When I looked at Unit 3 I decided to use some of my purple dyed fabric to bond, layer and free machine.

Before machining

Stitched and  embellished with tiny black beads in the centre.

I think I will needle felt and make a cushion tomorrow.

Sunday 28 July 2013

Cards and Gift Tags

28th July 2013

Today has been a sorting and tidying day!!

I made 2 cards and a few gift tags with odds and ends I came across in my sorting.

Cards:- scraps of cloth, bondaweb, buttons and free machine embroidery.

Gift Tags using my dried flowers and labels I found in my stash!!

This was an experiment.

I glued the dried flowers onto the card with PVA glue (it dries colourless) then coated them with Acrylic Wax and left them to dry.
 The flowers are now sealed. I think I will make some cards using this method.

 It is really good when an experiment is successful!

Fabric printing backgrounds tomorrow I think and some Unit 3 work.

Saturday 27 July 2013

Poppy Cushion (up-cycling)

27th July 2013

Another glorious day!

I was on the beach, paddling, at 8am.

My dog Jack enjoys paddling too, but always turns away when I try to take a photo of him-a bit like me!!

I decided to look through my stash of fabrics and found a piece of cotton lawn printed with 'poppies' and a 100% linen table runner.

I backed the lawn with vilene and a thin layer of wadding and stitched around the poppy shapes in red, the stalks in variegated green and black for the centres. It was really good practise in free machining to follow the design and I was pleased with the result. It took about 40 minutes. 

I stitched this to the centre of the 'cushion' using a wide satin stitch.

I then made the cushion again using satin stitch.

I also prepared another project which I hope to stitch tomorrow.

Watch this space!!

Thursday 25 July 2013

Felted Picture

25th July 2013

I used my felt from 23rd July to make a picture.

I cut the felt up into 3 pieces. 
On one of the pieces I free machine stitched the circles and blue felt.

I am not quite sure what to do with the other 2 pieces so watch this space!

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Unit 3 Layering and Cutting Back - First sample

24th July 2013

My starting point was fabrics I had dyed a couple of weeks ago.

                                          Fabrics- velvet, linen and muslin (2 shades)

The unit notes suggest the thickest fabric is placed on the bottom and the finest on the top  as the base layer is not cut away. I laid the velvet, darker muslin, linen then last muslin and stitched a grid.

I drew a grid on paper to plan out my cutting and even then made a mistake but was able to fix this error! 
I started with the centre square and cut the top layer away in alternate triangles to reveal the linen then continued around the edge.

I then cut away the linen layer around the edge to show the darker muslin layer.

By this time I needed a coffee break!

The last cut was in alternate triangles around the edge to show the velvet. The process was quite time consuming and fiddly even with small, sharp scissors.

I was up early this morning and started to stitch-after I had my morning coffee!

I used :- a wide satin stitch in variegated thread along the grid lines
              a wide satin stitch in purple plain thread on outer edge diagonals
              2 different programmed stitches over the plain stitching
              and finished with free machining in purple shiny sultry thread for the central detail.

I was fairly pleased with the result.
When I make my next sample I think I will use more contrasting colours.

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Wet Felting

23rd July 2013

I have had a brilliant day wet felting in Joanne's kitchen.

I arrived with the Merino Fleece, bubble wrap, towel and sushi type mat and then we played for 4 hours and the time went so quickly!!

I wanted to make a piece of felt that I could embroider or needle felt.
I layed the towel on the work top, then the mat and then bubble wrap. I used a blended green fleece and made 3 layers. The first was laid out left to right, the second top to bottom and the third left to right.

An open weave net was placed over this wool, sprayed with water and  liquid soap.

Another layer of bubble wrap was placed on top and rubbed to create friction on the fleece and lots of soapy bubbles. This was done for about 15 mins until the fleece had felted together.

This fabric was then rolled up in the mat turning 90 degree angle after 20 rolls of the mat-approximately!! we were chatting so much we lost count!
The felt was then placed in the sink and boiling water was poured over it followed by cold tap water. The mat rolling was repeated until all the soap was removed.

                                          The felt was put outside to dry.

Each side was quite different! Don't know how I am going to use this felt yet but I really enjoyed producing it.

                                          Joanne's felt

We then made another piece, this time with a pattern and using cut 'half felt' (100% wool fabric that has been half felted)

                            Joanne laid out a piece of cream half felt and then got creative!!

                                           Overlaid with net before soaping and rubbing.

                                         Finished felt ready for embellishing.

My second piece, I love these colours but my husband wasn't very impressed!!

                                         Before felting.
                                       Rolling in the mat after rinsing.

                                          Finished felt ready for embroidery and needle felting.

Hope you have enjoyed sharing our felting experience.

Watch this space to see what we do with our felted pieces of fabric!

Monday 22 July 2013

Craft Fair

22nd July 2013

Just to let you know my first Craft Fair was a very enjoyable experience. It wasn't very busy but amazingly I sold 2 pictures and both my cushions as well as a selection of cards. It was such a great feeling when people liked my work and I could chat about how the pictures were made!

These are the items that sold, I was surprised how popular the blue/green pictures were.

Tomorrow I am trying wet felting, I must remember to take photos and show you the results.

Friday 19 July 2013

Cushions and Cards

19th July 2013

I had a lovely 2 days in the Lakes and was really inspired by all the beautiful crafts.

I arrived home to find my machine!  I have been sewing and making cards ready for Sunday.

I made these cards using needle felting, a little hand embroidery and some beads.

The first cushion is made from silk. I printed a tree design on a smaller piece of fabric then hand embroidered the 'cherry blossom' using french knots.

I had some linen and viscose fabric and decided to do some needle felting and machine embroidery.
I like the effect of the wool fleece on the fabric.

                                            Before stitching

 After stitching in straight stitch in a circular motion, I intentionally went over the fabric with my stitching to create a more abstract design.


                                           Finished cushion.

I also finished a picture which I had prepared when my machine was being repaired!

I used fabrics that I had dyed. I backed small pieces of muslin, silk, linen and some organza with bondaweb.

Unit 3 requires the use of hand dyed fabrics, bondaweb and some layering of the fabric. This piece meets some of the criteria! 

I used my flower design  from the beginning of the unit.

I used rolled, printed scrim for the stem and leaf then free machined all pieces onto dyed muslin backed with felt.

                                                        Finished framed picture.

I have a very busy weekend coming up so will blog again on Monday!
Hope you all enjoy this beautiful sunshine.