Monday 15 July 2013

Experimenting with dyeing

15th July 2013

No news of my machine yet-I do miss it-so have been preparing more fabrics and colours for future projects.

I have bought some more Procion dyes and decided to try them out in the space dye method in the cat litter tray. I used purple, scarlet and ultra blue. Previously I had used magenta and cobalt.
I used muslin, calico, cotton velvet, linen and scrim. From now on I shall only use the scrim with fabric paints as it always looks a' bit muddy' when I dye it but I do like the texture. I also used 100% Egyptian Cotton yarn that I had left from a baby blanket and it took the colour well.

 I was a little disappointed as the red seemed very orange to me, and think next time I will use the scarlet with yellow, should give a lovely orange.

Wet fabric and yarn

Ironed and ready for a project

The paler colours remind me of Sweet Peas and the muslin is so delicate, lovely.

I had dye left and didn't want to waste it so put some cotton and muslin in the pots.

I left this overnight.

I had watched a You Tube video on Ice Dyeing. Looked interesting so thought I would have a go!!

Pieces of fabric were soaked in a soda ash solution.
A piece of fabric was then placed in the bottom of the jug and covered with ice cubes. 
A dry paintbrush was dipped in the dye then tapped gently against the side of the jug. 
I used ultra blue, magenta and purple-just a sprinkling of each.
 Continued until all the fabric was used then left overnight. 
The fabric was then washed in a fixer solution and rinsed. 

                                         Cotton velvet in different positions in the jug!

Muslin, calico, linen and cotton


The ice has made lovely patterns on the fabric and the colours are really vibrant.

I am off to the lakes tomorrow for a couple of days with friends, we are going to visit lots of craft shops. So looking forward to it.

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