Monday 22 July 2013

Craft Fair

22nd July 2013

Just to let you know my first Craft Fair was a very enjoyable experience. It wasn't very busy but amazingly I sold 2 pictures and both my cushions as well as a selection of cards. It was such a great feeling when people liked my work and I could chat about how the pictures were made!

These are the items that sold, I was surprised how popular the blue/green pictures were.

Tomorrow I am trying wet felting, I must remember to take photos and show you the results.


  1. Congratulation on such a successful event. Good luck with the wet felting!

  2. We have had a brilliant day and Joanne has put a photo of me felting on Facebook!!
    We both made 2 pieces and really found it very relaxing. I will post photos later today.

  3. Hi Irene.
    I visited your stall at the craft fair and bought a beautiful tooth cushion which you kindly personalised for me while I waited. Plus it was amazing value. My cousin who lives in Manchester saw it and wants to buy a couple for friends. Will you be doing another fair soon and if so where???

  4. Thank you, it was my friend Joanne who made the cushions, I have forwarded your comment and she will be thrilled!
    I think the next fair at the Solaris is on 11th August but has yet to be confirmed. If you live in or near Blackpool You can call and collect.