Wednesday 24 July 2013

Unit 3 Layering and Cutting Back - First sample

24th July 2013

My starting point was fabrics I had dyed a couple of weeks ago.

                                          Fabrics- velvet, linen and muslin (2 shades)

The unit notes suggest the thickest fabric is placed on the bottom and the finest on the top  as the base layer is not cut away. I laid the velvet, darker muslin, linen then last muslin and stitched a grid.

I drew a grid on paper to plan out my cutting and even then made a mistake but was able to fix this error! 
I started with the centre square and cut the top layer away in alternate triangles to reveal the linen then continued around the edge.

I then cut away the linen layer around the edge to show the darker muslin layer.

By this time I needed a coffee break!

The last cut was in alternate triangles around the edge to show the velvet. The process was quite time consuming and fiddly even with small, sharp scissors.

I was up early this morning and started to stitch-after I had my morning coffee!

I used :- a wide satin stitch in variegated thread along the grid lines
              a wide satin stitch in purple plain thread on outer edge diagonals
              2 different programmed stitches over the plain stitching
              and finished with free machining in purple shiny sultry thread for the central detail.

I was fairly pleased with the result.
When I make my next sample I think I will use more contrasting colours.


  1. I don't know what I am doing wrong but none of my posts are being saved to your blog.

  2. Right I know now were I have been going wrong! Just wanted to say what lovely colours, it sounds very coplicated but the finished piece looks lovely.