Friday 19 July 2013

Cushions and Cards

19th July 2013

I had a lovely 2 days in the Lakes and was really inspired by all the beautiful crafts.

I arrived home to find my machine!  I have been sewing and making cards ready for Sunday.

I made these cards using needle felting, a little hand embroidery and some beads.

The first cushion is made from silk. I printed a tree design on a smaller piece of fabric then hand embroidered the 'cherry blossom' using french knots.

I had some linen and viscose fabric and decided to do some needle felting and machine embroidery.
I like the effect of the wool fleece on the fabric.

                                            Before stitching

 After stitching in straight stitch in a circular motion, I intentionally went over the fabric with my stitching to create a more abstract design.


                                           Finished cushion.

I also finished a picture which I had prepared when my machine was being repaired!

I used fabrics that I had dyed. I backed small pieces of muslin, silk, linen and some organza with bondaweb.

Unit 3 requires the use of hand dyed fabrics, bondaweb and some layering of the fabric. This piece meets some of the criteria! 

I used my flower design  from the beginning of the unit.

I used rolled, printed scrim for the stem and leaf then free machined all pieces onto dyed muslin backed with felt.

                                                        Finished framed picture.

I have a very busy weekend coming up so will blog again on Monday!
Hope you all enjoy this beautiful sunshine.


  1. These are beautiful, you are truly talented. I am going to do my best to visit the Solarium tomorrow.