Thursday 24 October 2019

A Black and White Fabric Book

24th October 2019

Laid up with Shingles at the moment and couldn't believe it is a month since I posted on my blog!

My new grandchild is due next month and I decided to make a soft, washable fabric book in black and white ......

...simple shapes were cut out of Bondaweb backed fabric and stitched onto the contrasting background fabric backed with cotton wadding....

...finished concertina book...

...detail on shapes machined... can also be attached to the cot sides!

My granddaughter comes to stay over usually once a week and if the weather is wet and we are unable to visit the park we have fun creating in my craft room.... she is threading beads to make a bracelet, I was very impressed with her concentration and threading skills....

A magic wand from a twig we found, a bracelet and necklace!

Another day she made a hedgehog, she loves to feel paint on her hands!!

Last week we made scones

...they were delicious!

Inspired by Sue Nicholls machine embroidery I made this, free machining on cotton wadding!

I started this in Cornwall in March, painted silk organza and I was going to make separate hand dyed pieces for a collage but didn't like the effect so am now going to embroider it, it will take a while!!

A little jumper for the new arrival....

and finished the Aran hat to match the cardigan for Alba!