Saturday 30 January 2021

Tags and experimenting with my embellisher.

 30th January 2021

More tags, one per week, theme was heart.

I wove through hessian for the background and used some of my ice dyed fabric for the heart.

Tag 3 was scraps...

...Tag 4 was fly stitch...

...Tag 5 cross, used cross stitch to attach.

I have kept the tags fairly simple as my tags are quite small, I have a box bought a few years ago that I need to use!!!


I used felt as my base and embellished man made fabric from my stash, the lower part of the photo shows the fabric before embellishing.... embellished organza over the top...

...then more man made embellished...

....the result, think I will enhance details using free machine embroidery.

I had some handmade felt which again I embellished with a polyester scarf and added hand dyed scrim for the flowers, only embellishing the centre for added texture, wool for the stem and leaves ready for machine embroidery.

Another small project using hand dyed fabrics, a work in progress, I am fast running out of embroidery threads!!! 


Last but not least my fantastic amaryllis bought a week before Christmas, amazing because it has 3 stems, these beautiful flowers and another bud not yet opened! I cannot believe all this has come from I bulb, it really has cheered me up this week.

Hope you are all keeping well, I am still finding this lockdown difficult and missing my little people and family. One day soon fingers crossed x

Tuesday 12 January 2021

Hand embroidery on Khadi paper

 12th January 2021

A short update, my yarnbombing was up for only four days, one person complained and I had to take it down!! On the second day a little girl ran to the tree and hugged it, made my day!!

I have been following Karin Lunds on Instagram and love her work, stitching on paper. This was my inspiration this week....

...using Khadi paper from my stash...

...very simply stitched...

...and another....

....on a roll now... piece, not quite sure what to do with them but I loved the process, this has been woven in the centre!

I listen to story tapes while I am stitching, so enjoyable.

Also joining in with Anne Brookes Textiles making 52 tags this year..

...the theme for the 1st was white, buttons, embroidery and lace....

...also made another winter scene for a card....

....also a few people in my block of flats, 75+ have either had their vaccines or have been given an appointment for this week, great morale booster!

Saturday 2 January 2021

New Years Day Yarn bombing!

 HAPPY  2021  TO  YOU  ALL

I think I have told you during lockdowns I have been using all spare and donated yarn to prepare for a yarn bomb in the new year. I decided to do it on the 1st and as I was finishing the final tree......

...a lady came striding across the road to ask what I was doing! I replied that I was yarn bombing, the lady wanted to know why and I said to make people smile. Her reply was that it didn't make her smile and she furiously told me to remove it!! I explained pleasantly that I had permission. Apparently she hadn't given me permission but she was just another resident in the close. Her departing words were,''I am organising a petition!"

Not quite the response I had in mind, I did wonder if said lady might remove the tree coverings overnight but they are still in place.

I will inform you of any updates but haven't received the petition as yet, watch this space.....