Saturday 2 January 2021

New Years Day Yarn bombing!

 HAPPY  2021  TO  YOU  ALL

I think I have told you during lockdowns I have been using all spare and donated yarn to prepare for a yarn bomb in the new year. I decided to do it on the 1st and as I was finishing the final tree......

...a lady came striding across the road to ask what I was doing! I replied that I was yarn bombing, the lady wanted to know why and I said to make people smile. Her reply was that it didn't make her smile and she furiously told me to remove it!! I explained pleasantly that I had permission. Apparently she hadn't given me permission but she was just another resident in the close. Her departing words were,''I am organising a petition!"

Not quite the response I had in mind, I did wonder if said lady might remove the tree coverings overnight but they are still in place.

I will inform you of any updates but haven't received the petition as yet, watch this space.....

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