Monday 3 May 2021

3 hand dyed cushion covers

3rd May 2021

A friend asked me to make some cushion covers for a gift, one turmeric and 2 indigo.

This is the old french linen ready to be dyed in turmeric, unfortunately the elastic bands perished in the hot water!! There was hardly any pattern on the back pieces of the cushion!

Approval sought before making up the cushion...


Linen prepare for dyeing, The centre piece is lots of small running stitches, 2 hours stitching...

....the result, the fabric came out very pale maybe because the indigo kit had been opened for a while!
All that stitching gives a lovely rippled effect and well worth the preparation....

....back, a simple envelope design.

Fabric prepare, cotton lace, pebbles wrapped then twisted and bound fabric for the back...

....cotton lace used for a button flap on this one.