Saturday 30 November 2013

Hard Edge Applique and Poinsettias

30th November 2013

I used my poinsettia template to make these using my soldering iron, very quick and easy, then stitched small gold beads in the centre to secure. The red is organza backed with bondaweb and ironed onto polyester lining, the green is sponged scrim backed with bondaweb ironed onto green lining.

Think I will make them into cards but they could also be used as a decoration.

In Unit 5 I have to show an example of hard edge applique. I have used this method many times in other units, usually with flowers, so decided to make a simple picture for a child.

I searched my dyed fabric stash and found a space dyed cotton which looked like the sky....

..painted a 'horizon line' using a lovely metallic fabric paint....

...then painted 'waves' using two shades of blue and some white.  The sun was printed with a cork.

I backed this with a fine wadding and stitched horizontal straight lines in two shades of blue for the sky and wavy lines in two darker shades for the sea.

A boat and sails were added, these show hard edge applique (satin stitch) and lastly I free machined over the sun in a circular motion using gold metallic thread.

This could be made into a personalised picture or wallhanging for a child.

Friday 29 November 2013

Poinsettia Card

29th November 2013

Been out having a very long and enjoyable lunch with friends, lots of laughs, brilliant!

I haven't had much time the last 2 days to do crafty work but I did manage to produce a poinsettia flower card.

First I made templates for the petals and leaves...

Cut these from red and green felt, needle felted them together and then needle felted yellow wool in the centre...

I am going to try this with organza using my soldering iron.

Also I have decided not to have a craft stall anymore so have put greatly reduced items in my facebook shop as I need the space!

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Christmas Cards and One Last Textured Sample!

27th November 2013

I have made a few more Christmas cards....
Felt leaves and felted berries on Hessian (more texture!)

Tree 'heat cut' from polyester lining on a background of felt, free machined...

..this tree is organza, gives a frosty look!

I do love hessian and scrim as a backing!
The flower is from a kit I bought in a sale last January!

I made one more textured sample ( I think I could go on forever!!)

 Using my hand-made felt as a backing, I gathered some tea dyed silk and attached this to the centre of the square. I covered this with tea dyed scrim securing with a programmed stitch in gold metallic thread then cut back the centre revealing the silk. This was covered with gold organza, stitched, cut away so that only a border of organza remained.

You can feel the texture more than see it. 

I have also been making a template for a fabric poinsettia flower, but that is for next time...

Tuesday 26 November 2013

More Experimenting with Shirring Elastic and Twin Needle

26th November 2013

I started by placing a fine wadding between two pieces of thick cotton. I then formed a grid using my twin needle in a programmed stitch, changed to free machining and a single needle and played!!

Although I only used a fine wadding I am pleased with the effect... not great!!

Next I put some string between two pieces of white cotton fabric and stitched with my twin needle...

I spoilt it by free machining between the ridges in a darker thread!!!

  Experimenting with shirring elastic in the bobbin... machining on cotton and linen scrim..


..straight rows of stitching..

..grid stitched on thick cotton.

Last but not least I tried cable stitch using my own dyed yarn. I haven't attempted this since my last attempt caused my machine to break down!! This time I didn't thread the yarn through the tension and the result was much better and easier.

Love the texture in this one.

Might make a few more cards now!

Monday 25 November 2013

Magazine Treat!

25th November 2013

Just realised as I typed the date it is only a month to Christmas! Just don't know where this year has gone! A hugely enjoyable year for me discovering textiles and techniques.

I bought myself this.....

and the contents really are inspiring.

 I enjoy the Workbox and Stitch Magazines from the Embroiderers Guild.

I have been working on my secret projects but managed to do some of Unit 5.
I frayed 2 squares of open weave fabric, one smaller than the other, and stitched some aran yarn between them using a twin needle in different stitch lengths. The 'ridge' is not obvious so think I will use a firm cord next time because I do like the effect.

 Sorry for poor quality of photo.

hope to do more stitching tomorrow, perhaps quilted texturing...

Saturday 23 November 2013

A Walk Along the Promenade

23rd November 2013

Happy weekend!

I am delighted to report that my page views for this blog are now 5040!!

It would be great to hear from you, especially from China, Ukraine, USA and Australia and discover how you found my blog!

I have had a busy couple of days on secret Christmas projects which I will share in the New Year.

I walked along the promenade to Blackpool this morning, a gentle breeze, the tide was on the way in making lovely designs on the beach and the smell of bacon was wafting from the hotels!!

The sky was so beautiful I thought I would share my photos with you.....

..facing south...

..and west

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Felted Flower Cushion and Playing with Pleats

20th November 2013

Made this 14 inch square cushion cover for tomorrow's fair. 
Flowers and leaves are needle felted with pure Merino wool then free machined.

Next came playing with pleats to texture fabric...

..ironed some thick cotton fabric...

..cut into strips, folded and pressed...

...I overlapped folded strips, stitched them in place then covered with rusted fabric, cut a square in the centre, rolled back triangle shapes and stitched. 

I then decided to fray edges and triangle corners, great fun!

Folded strips were stitched in 2 widths, left side was stitched then right side was stitched with the pleats going in the opposite direction. Then the pleats were stitched in different ways to give texture. 

I think this would look good with dyed bluey/green soft fabric to represent the ocean!

I took another piece of fabric and stitched pleats of varying widths....

.this was stitched top to bottom, left to right alternately.

Not keen on this but it was worth a try!

Must sort out all my goods and offers for tomorrow!!

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Finished Layered and Cut Back Sampler

19th November 2013

I have spent a very enjoyable 3 hours stitching today.

I started by cutting back various layers, some fabric I cut away and others I rolled/folded back and frayed.....

..unfortunately I pricked my finger while pinning -spot the blood!!
It never happens when I am working with red fabric!!!

I experimented with my stitching using programmed and free machining, different shades of thread and some with double thread and liked the effect. 

Not very clear photos but show folded/rolled back fabric, drawn threads and a variety of stitching.

The sun was shining in the bluest sky so decided to go for a long walk along the prom. The icy wind was a shock but it kept us moving at a brisk pace.

This is the view north and you can see snow on the hills in the Lake District!

We walked south and you can see 'The Big One' Pleasure Beach ride and promenade metal sculptures. If you look carefully in the lower left corner you will see a very large puddle and part of a very bewildered dog! A huge wave crashed onto the prom and soaked Jack and the expression on his face was so funny, poor Jack really didn't know what had hit him!!

I love watching the crashing waves ..

..Southport on the horizon and beautiful clouds...

Must try to remove the blood spot from my sampler and finish a cushion!

Monday 18 November 2013

Extended Sample-Layer and Cut Away

18th November 2013

I was so thrilled yesterday to see that I had my highest number of  page views -108!! so a big thank you to you all.

I decided to start another extended sample using open weaved fabrics...

..I randomly pulled threads...



..linen scrim..

.. and hessian.

I layered 8 pieces of fabric, ironed them and stitched...

Tomorrow I am going to cut away and stitch to give different shades and textures.

Hope my idea works or I will have to rethink!!!!