Wednesday 13 November 2013

Pleats, Shrink Fabric and Shirring!

13th November 2013

Yesterday I had a long walk and when I arrived home my book (a treat to myself!) had arrived. Spent the next half hour perusing and wanting to have a play!

So many wonderful ideas in this book with excellent diagrams and instructions, perfect for Unit 5!!

I started by pinning simple pleats in a spare piece of linen..

..then stitched top and bottom.... tried a box pleat using thick cotton...

..I wanted pin tucks but not to worry, I will do better next time!
(pin tucks should overlap)

From the same piece but stitched the opposite way in the centre, I really like this effect.

I found a sample of rusted silk which I had stitched to 'shrink fabric'...
...this was free machined and the result is better when the stitching isn't too close together.

After stitching the fabric is placed between 2 sheets of baking parchment and hovering an iron over it...
...the heat shrinks the backing.

Next time I think I will try free machining in circles!

Now for the shirring elastic. I have used this in hand sewing but never on the machine.
 I hand wound the elastic on the bobbin and stitched on a spare piece of rusted silk in a grid pattern.  This is the result..

..I will definitely be experimenting with this method and the shrink fabric when I find it!!

I am enjoying working with white, cream and tea dyed fabrics as I can focus on the design and texturing without worrying about colour. 

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  1. Now that looks like great fun. I want to see the shrink fabric applied to a scrumptious fabric.