Monday, 11 November 2013

Manipulating Fabric with Stitching

11th November 2013

I have spent a very pleasant 2 hours on my machine using free and programmed stitches to texture fabrics. My first example is my handmade felt and programmed stitches...

..the second was the grey felt which made me think of the sea on a winters day...

..I used my wavy stitch and shades of grey thread, then white thread in free machining to create 'white horses'!

Next I gathered thick cotton, silk, fine scrim and cotton fabrics using my largest straight stitch...

....I gathered the scrim at each end and in the middle and want to use this fine, delicate fabric with the coarse hessian in some way... machined cotton, the smaller shape had the tension high and brown thread in the bobbin...

..the dense zigzag worked really well for texture.

Lastly I used hessian and tried texturing in both zigzag and straight stitch. You can feel the texture rather than see it, the centres are slightly raised,  the stitching is smooth and the hessian rough.

Until tomorrow...


  1. Great experiments. The stitching on the felt looks really good.

  2. thank you, I am really enjoying playing!!

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