Tuesday 12 November 2013

Weaving, Layering and Texturing

12th November 2013

I was up very early this morning and started to play with my tea dyed fabrics in various ways and 3 hours just disappeared!!

I started with a piece of hessian..

..pulled out some threads...

..and added braided cotton and scrim, don't know what I am going to do with this but I had fun making it!

I pulled some threads from another piece of natural hessian and used my dyed threads for some weaving. This is much simpler but could be used for a book cover maybe...

Next made braids, then joined them together at each side and in the middle. I took 2 pieces of scrim, different textures, and a strip of silk and wove them through the 'holes'. This is quite a thick piece and I like the mix of firm braids with with flimsy fabrics.

This is my last and favourite sample...

I selected natural hessian, linen scrim, cotton scrim and used knotted yarn to couch. I pulled threads from all the fabrics and frayed the edges and overlapped varying rectangular shapes and stitched. I felt this needed something else and decided on a silk flower. To make this I roughly cut 6 layers of tea dyed silk, arranged them and stitched in the centre to secure.

I had prepared 2 designs for my Christmas cards and stitched and assembled..
..3 layers of silk paper stitched with gold thread..

..a jolly robin made from felt, stitched on hessian... I am off for a walk because the sun is actually shining!

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