Tuesday 26 November 2013

More Experimenting with Shirring Elastic and Twin Needle

26th November 2013

I started by placing a fine wadding between two pieces of thick cotton. I then formed a grid using my twin needle in a programmed stitch, changed to free machining and a single needle and played!!

Although I only used a fine wadding I am pleased with the effect... not great!!

Next I put some string between two pieces of white cotton fabric and stitched with my twin needle...

I spoilt it by free machining between the ridges in a darker thread!!!

  Experimenting with shirring elastic in the bobbin... machining on cotton and linen scrim..


..straight rows of stitching..

..grid stitched on thick cotton.

Last but not least I tried cable stitch using my own dyed yarn. I haven't attempted this since my last attempt caused my machine to break down!! This time I didn't thread the yarn through the tension and the result was much better and easier.

Love the texture in this one.

Might make a few more cards now!


  1. I find it amazing that you can achieve so many different textures using a sewing machine and a lot of inspiration on your part.

  2. I am coming to the conclusion that possibilities are endless! I am forever thinking 'what if'

  3. What an amazing array of results. I love the twin needle work.