Sunday 10 November 2013

Texturing Felt

10th November 2013

 The first part of Unit 5 is combining textures.

Texture in fabric can be created by creasing, pleating and gathering. The various techniques from previous units can be used to texture fabrics.

Earlier in the week I made some felt using Merino and Mohair Fleece...

...I stitched and stitched using both straight and zigzag free machining.....

...the centre of the circles is quite raised although it is difficult to see in my photo!!

Tomorrow I am going to stitch a more regular pattern with programmed stitches.

I have completed 2 more tasks from my long list so feel quite pleased with myself!

I would have achieved more but spent over an hour looking from my glasses, thinking I was losing the plot, when my husband had them in his pocket!!!!!!!


  1. I bet he was popular! lovely felt work thou.

  2. Are you on speaking terms yet?

  3. Yes, it just made me realise how dependant I am on them for all close work! I must buy a spare pair.