Wednesday 27 November 2013

Christmas Cards and One Last Textured Sample!

27th November 2013

I have made a few more Christmas cards....
Felt leaves and felted berries on Hessian (more texture!)

Tree 'heat cut' from polyester lining on a background of felt, free machined...

..this tree is organza, gives a frosty look!

I do love hessian and scrim as a backing!
The flower is from a kit I bought in a sale last January!

I made one more textured sample ( I think I could go on forever!!)

 Using my hand-made felt as a backing, I gathered some tea dyed silk and attached this to the centre of the square. I covered this with tea dyed scrim securing with a programmed stitch in gold metallic thread then cut back the centre revealing the silk. This was covered with gold organza, stitched, cut away so that only a border of organza remained.

You can feel the texture more than see it. 

I have also been making a template for a fabric poinsettia flower, but that is for next time...

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  1. Loving your Christmas cards especially the final one with the red poinsettia.