Monday 25 November 2013

Magazine Treat!

25th November 2013

Just realised as I typed the date it is only a month to Christmas! Just don't know where this year has gone! A hugely enjoyable year for me discovering textiles and techniques.

I bought myself this.....

and the contents really are inspiring.

 I enjoy the Workbox and Stitch Magazines from the Embroiderers Guild.

I have been working on my secret projects but managed to do some of Unit 5.
I frayed 2 squares of open weave fabric, one smaller than the other, and stitched some aran yarn between them using a twin needle in different stitch lengths. The 'ridge' is not obvious so think I will use a firm cord next time because I do like the effect.

 Sorry for poor quality of photo.

hope to do more stitching tomorrow, perhaps quilted texturing...

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