Wednesday 20 November 2013

Felted Flower Cushion and Playing with Pleats

20th November 2013

Made this 14 inch square cushion cover for tomorrow's fair. 
Flowers and leaves are needle felted with pure Merino wool then free machined.

Next came playing with pleats to texture fabric...

..ironed some thick cotton fabric...

..cut into strips, folded and pressed...

...I overlapped folded strips, stitched them in place then covered with rusted fabric, cut a square in the centre, rolled back triangle shapes and stitched. 

I then decided to fray edges and triangle corners, great fun!

Folded strips were stitched in 2 widths, left side was stitched then right side was stitched with the pleats going in the opposite direction. Then the pleats were stitched in different ways to give texture. 

I think this would look good with dyed bluey/green soft fabric to represent the ocean!

I took another piece of fabric and stitched pleats of varying widths....

.this was stitched top to bottom, left to right alternately.

Not keen on this but it was worth a try!

Must sort out all my goods and offers for tomorrow!!


  1. These are all different and interesting. I really like the hessian aperture - it feels like there might be a secret something within.

  2. Great textures produced by these techniques, it all looks like great fun to do.