Saturday 9 November 2013

Finished Samples Book Cover

9th November 2013

I started this cover ages ago and it was on my task list to finish it!

I used polyester lining and stitched straight lines on the fabric backed with fine wadding...

..this part was quite boring but I like the effect...

..the finished cover with corded threads for ties.

Just need to make another 6 extended samples to go in it!!!!

I also made more felt this week, I want to manipulate this using free machining.
The two sides are quite different, I used Merino Fleece, a wiry fleece and some beautiful Mohair which has a gorgeous wave in it.

This is my favourite piece made with pure Mohair and it is so soft and silky to touch...
..this reminded me of the sea on a cold , grey day.

Lastly we went for a beach walk as the sun was shining, but the very cold wind hit us as soon as we walked towards the promenade!!

This was the view looking north..

..and this was looking south, the way we were walking...

..these are the hailstones that arrived 2 minutes after the previous photo!!!!

Luckily the hail storm only lasted a few minutes.

I have also been stitching some secret projects but can't share until after Christmas!!

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  1. Again beautiful photo's, I just missed those hail stones.....I am glad to say! Had a go at making the crochet snowflakes, it went well just wool and snow flakes just don't together so I am going to try them in crochet cotton for a more delicate finish .....if it works.