Tuesday 19 November 2013

Finished Layered and Cut Back Sampler

19th November 2013

I have spent a very enjoyable 3 hours stitching today.

I started by cutting back various layers, some fabric I cut away and others I rolled/folded back and frayed.....

..unfortunately I pricked my finger while pinning -spot the blood!!
It never happens when I am working with red fabric!!!

I experimented with my stitching using programmed and free machining, different shades of thread and some with double thread and liked the effect. 

Not very clear photos but show folded/rolled back fabric, drawn threads and a variety of stitching.

The sun was shining in the bluest sky so decided to go for a long walk along the prom. The icy wind was a shock but it kept us moving at a brisk pace.

This is the view north and you can see snow on the hills in the Lake District!

We walked south and you can see 'The Big One' Pleasure Beach ride and promenade metal sculptures. If you look carefully in the lower left corner you will see a very large puddle and part of a very bewildered dog! A huge wave crashed onto the prom and soaked Jack and the expression on his face was so funny, poor Jack really didn't know what had hit him!!

I love watching the crashing waves ..

..Southport on the horizon and beautiful clouds...

Must try to remove the blood spot from my sampler and finish a cushion!


  1. The cut back sample is full of textures. I can't believe what a difference the stitching makes. Well done to you, it's looking fantastic.

  2. Thank you, I really enjoyed the whole process!