Tuesday 5 November 2013

Unit 5 and Rusted Fabric

5th November 2013

Today I received my Unit 5 and have read through it twice already!

Some really interesting exercises including Combining Textures,Tea Dyeing, Applique Hard and Soft Edges and Shadow Techniques. I know I must plan and record more in this unit so I will have to show more self discipline!! Also I have to complete the extended samples( 6 of them) AND plan my 2nd Assessment. This will last me well into the New Year!

While sorting through my stash for fabrics to dye I came across some rusted silk that I did about 4 months ago!

This involved rusty metal items and slightly diluted vinegar. I left mine covered up outside as the smell was very strong!!

 I think I will be able to use this in the Combining Textures.

Rusty bolts nails and washers...

...rusty washers were tied with thread...

...more rusty bits my husband found in the garage!!

Results from my Tea Dyeing tomorrow...


  1. The rusty images look spooky!!!! You certainly have your hands full for the next couple of months, good luck with the new unit. When do you get your feedback on the last unit?

  2. I have had the feedback which is always very helpful. A selection of my work should be posted on fb some time this week and it is always interesting for me to see the samples Anne selects!

  3. It looks like the most amazing unit. I can't wait to watch you work!