Monday 8 July 2013

Sad news!!

8th July 2013

The sad news is I have a problem with my machine-the top thread isn't catching the bobbin thread.

I was free machining and the top thread decided to wrap around the bobbin(it has done this before) so I pulled the fabric and snipped the threads, re threaded the machine and nothing!

Of course this happened at 5pm, after the Singer helpline was closed so will have to wait until tomorrow before I can contact them. I am gutted as I had been intending to try new ideas!!

Not to worry, I finished my Cow Parsley picture and framed it and am going to make some more silk paper with some purple flowers from my garden that I pressed a couple of weeks ago.

                                                       Silk cocoon and dried flowers

                                         Silk paper with lovely dried blue flowers from my garden!

I think I will use this paper to make packs of note cards for my stall.


  1. Really lovely work Irene. I absolutely love the cow parsley pic. Maybe I'll have a go at something similar soon!

  2. Thank you, I enjoyed mixing hand and machine embroidery.