Sunday 28 July 2013

Cards and Gift Tags

28th July 2013

Today has been a sorting and tidying day!!

I made 2 cards and a few gift tags with odds and ends I came across in my sorting.

Cards:- scraps of cloth, bondaweb, buttons and free machine embroidery.

Gift Tags using my dried flowers and labels I found in my stash!!

This was an experiment.

I glued the dried flowers onto the card with PVA glue (it dries colourless) then coated them with Acrylic Wax and left them to dry.
 The flowers are now sealed. I think I will make some cards using this method.

 It is really good when an experiment is successful!

Fabric printing backgrounds tomorrow I think and some Unit 3 work.


  1. These are great! I particularly like the cup cake cards!

  2. Thank you Anna, they were fun to make.