Tuesday 23 July 2013

Wet Felting

23rd July 2013

I have had a brilliant day wet felting in Joanne's kitchen.

I arrived with the Merino Fleece, bubble wrap, towel and sushi type mat and then we played for 4 hours and the time went so quickly!!

I wanted to make a piece of felt that I could embroider or needle felt.
I layed the towel on the work top, then the mat and then bubble wrap. I used a blended green fleece and made 3 layers. The first was laid out left to right, the second top to bottom and the third left to right.

An open weave net was placed over this wool, sprayed with water and  liquid soap.

Another layer of bubble wrap was placed on top and rubbed to create friction on the fleece and lots of soapy bubbles. This was done for about 15 mins until the fleece had felted together.

This fabric was then rolled up in the mat turning 90 degree angle after 20 rolls of the mat-approximately!! we were chatting so much we lost count!
The felt was then placed in the sink and boiling water was poured over it followed by cold tap water. The mat rolling was repeated until all the soap was removed.

                                          The felt was put outside to dry.

Each side was quite different! Don't know how I am going to use this felt yet but I really enjoyed producing it.

                                          Joanne's felt

We then made another piece, this time with a pattern and using cut 'half felt' (100% wool fabric that has been half felted)

                            Joanne laid out a piece of cream half felt and then got creative!!

                                           Overlaid with net before soaping and rubbing.

                                         Finished felt ready for embellishing.

My second piece, I love these colours but my husband wasn't very impressed!!

                                         Before felting.
                                       Rolling in the mat after rinsing.

                                          Finished felt ready for embroidery and needle felting.

Hope you have enjoyed sharing our felting experience.

Watch this space to see what we do with our felted pieces of fabric!

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