Sunday 6 October 2013

Ideas and Experiments for Assessment Piece

6th October 2013

I have to produce my assessment piece when I submit Unit 4.

I sent a plan with my Unit 3 work but my BIG problem is that although I always have a plan in my head or on paper I rarely manage to stick to it as I go where the mood takes me when I am stitching!!

I am making a 14 inch cushion cover in a pale bluey/grey linen with a purply flower motif in a sort of Clematis design-well that 's the plan!!

Anne gave excellent feed back on my plan so have been experimenting with her suggestions.

I tried twin needle stitching for texture behind the flower....

using two shades of grey/blue thread...

..trying pale grey and variegated thread...

...Pale grey/blue thread in both needles stitched diagonally...

...and in a square pattern..

I have decided on the same colour thread in both needles in the same shade as the fabric in the diagonal pattern using the twin needle as this gives subtle texture.
 Hope it's the right choice!!

Next came the petals.

Clematis petals look velvety so I chose some of my purple dyed velvet and backed it with Bondaweb  to iron on a backing of the same dyed calico as I want the petals to sit out from the cushion.

Velvet on the left..

..velvet ironed onto the calico..

..and cut out

I wanted to find out whether this would work as velvet usually frays and the bonding the two fabrics prevented it from fraying and means I can make petals that sit 'proud'  I HOPE!!!

I used my purple variegated thread in satin stitch around the edge and two shades (purple and pink) of variegated thread for the petal detail in straight stitch free machining.

I am quite pleased with the result and tomorrow will cut out the fabrics needed for my cushion and if I don't have enough dyed fabric will have to dye some more....

All this took over an hour as I had to change threads and needles and make the petal but I needed to go through this procedure to help me decide the best way to make my cushion cover. 
Watch this space....


  1. So much thought has gone into this phase of the design. I really want to see the colours in the flash .. fabric .. you know what I mean! It's looking good so far.

  2. Thank you, I still have a long way to go!