Wednesday 9 October 2013

Preparation of Petals Ready for Stitching

9th October 2013

Once I decided on the size/shape of the petals for my cushion I then had to choose the fabrics for the front and back of the petals.
I used fabric from my dyed stash in shades of purple including velvet (lovely texture) cotton, linen and muslin. I tried my little piece of silk but it didn't look right so have put it as a backing. The next step was to back 6 pieces of fabric with Bondaweb, trace the petal shape and iron onto the backing.
This doesn't sound much but the whole process took about an hour!!

..ready for stitching tomorrow...

I also made 2 more cards with raised organza petals..

and some Christmas labels ready for the Craft Fair on Sunday...

This afternoon I needed a good walk and braved the promenade and beach dressed in waterproofs and wellies! It was drizzly and very windy when we left and the sea was raging with waves  crashing over the sea wall ...

and a very high tide....

Jack went for his usual paddle and was caught by a foaming wave!

Must stitch my petals tomorrow after my Pilates class!


  1. I love the cards Irene.
    What a great idea to back the petals with the purple silk. It will make the 3D effect more noticable. It's a fantastic colour too.