Friday 4 October 2013

Braids and Tassels

4th October 2013

This was my first attempt making a stitched braid, I have often made plaited braids, but this was quite different. 
I used 8 mixed threads in shades of green and red, twisted them, held both ends firmly and used a wide zigzag stitch to stitch them together. I had a strip of red organza from my soldering iron play sessions and threaded the braid through the holes. A festive bookmark, perhaps....

The grey braid on the left was made using the same method but with thick wool threads in shades of grey and one strand of white. I made a long braid then folded it and and stitched the two pieces together  I then folded and made a small piece of 'fabric'. This idea could be used to make a wall/path in a collage picture.
I used my own dyed yarn to make the next braid then stitched onto dyed linen.

These were all made using the same method but are finer as the bow was made using black and white
Perla embroidery thread. The blue was made using 4 strands of my blue dyed yarn and I stitched this using silver metallic thread, it was folded and stitched leaving the loops. 


I have never made tassels before but quite enjoyed experimenting. 
The Perla embroidery thread was wound around a piece of card with the middle cut out in a rectangle.
The threads were then zigzagged stitched in the middle until all the threads were encased, the card was cut away, the tassel was folded and stitched to secure. The larger tassel was made with grey and purple thread and stitched in metallic silver and the smaller matches the braid on the previous page.

I must now begin my assessment cushion! Have a good weekend...

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