Monday 14 October 2013

One of those days!!

14th October 2013

What a day!!

On a Monday mornings I meet up with a group of lovely ladies who lend a listening ear, a smile and a food bag to those in need. We work from a spare room in the Church building. I am one of  the' back room girls' who make up the bags and sorts donated clothes.

We have been inundated with Harvest Festival gifts from churches and schools in the local area that want to support our work.

 This morning I started on the Christmas bags, which contain twice as much, as well as our basic bag, and must have made 60 bags in total today. Enough for next week when I am away visiting my lovely family.

The other ladies had left but I still had work to do, sorting clothes and a general tidy up. I picked up my bags and left only to find I couldn't get in my car because my keys weren't in my handbag. Tried knocking on the door but no answer! Managed to catch the bus home and my lovely son gave me a lift back with my spare car key. Had a much needed cup of coffee then....

Now comes the exciting part!!

Yesterday I said we met some lovely people and one of them suggested we set up a shop on fb.

My friend and partner in all things crafty has opened a Facebook shop page today


and so have I!    ID designs, all very exciting but worth a try and the 2 hours it took for me to do it-I have said before that my computer skills need developing!
Anyway am hoping for some feedback.

Meeting up with Jo tomorrow for more creating so watch this space.....


  1. Your FB page looks brilliant. You have done amazingly ... especially after the key fiasco. I've had new door keys cut for my Children today and neither of them work .. it must have been one of those days!

  2. Are you able to post links to the pages, please? I'm afraid I haven't been able to find either of them!



    Hope this works for you, I am on a huge learning curve with my lap top!!! Irene

  5. You will be diversifying into web page design at this rate. Have shared to my page. Enjoy your trip to London xxx