Monday 7 October 2013

More Preparation for Assessment Piece

7th October 2013

I started the day thinking about my project and decided to make a full size plan.

I cut  a 14" square from some old wallpaper and drew in my idea for stitching the background....

I then cut 6 different petals .....

I thought these were a bit too large so reduced their size....

and thought this was about right when the cushion is inserted.

Next I sorted through my hand dyed stash of fabric and I think I may have enough, also found a beautiful piece of purple silk which I might use to give a different texture.

My problem is I can never see the end result before I have completed the task so I tend to change ideas as I go along!!

This task took an hour!! 

Tomorrow I am meeting up with my friend Jo and we are going to 'play'.....
watch this space..


  1. Doing the plan to scale really makes a difference. I love the mixture of velvet and silk ... very luxurious.

  2. That's what I thought, fingers crossed it works out!