Wednesday 16 October 2013

The Finished Assessment Cushion!!

16th October 2013

Busy day today, gardening with 'The Friends' in my local park then taking Jack for a walk and getting soaked!
After a mug of hot chocolate I decided to try and finish my cushion.

Stitched the leaves which were two layers of sponge painted cotton scrim bonded and cut into a leaf shape resembling my clematis.

I used satin stitch around the edge and free machined the veins... 

..then pinned the petals and leaves in place and stitched the petals and leaves but leaving them unattached half way.

I made an envelope cushion and used the double needle for the border...

The centre of the flower was made using organza, 6 layers of purple and black and the very centre pleated black organza, these were free machined in place.

I am quite pleased with the result, just hope Anne thinks it fulfils all the criteria!!!

I estimate this project took about 8 hours from planning to finish but if I made another similar cushion it wouldn't take as long as I wouldn't need to experiment quite as much.

Yesterdays silk experiment worked better than I thought as it was much firmer when dry but the strands of Throwsters Waste still didn't adhere but I have an idea for this sample!

The two sides begging to be stitched.

No Throwsters in this sample

This is the side with the Mawata silk hankie.

Quite a productive day, just need to do a couple more soluble fabric samples then Unit 4 will be complete.


  1. I love, love, love the cushion Irene. I am sure you will have fulfilled all the criteria knowing how meticulous you are. When will you know?

  2. I should have Unit 4 completed in a couple of weeks, I then send my work to Anne and wait for feedback!