Monday 21 October 2013

A busy few days in London.

21st October 2013

This is my 100th post and I can't believe it.

I was very apprehensive about writing a blog but I love it!!

I arrived in London on Friday and on Saturday braved the crowds in Oxford Street-so many people, nationalities and languages!

My sister was looking for some special fabric to make a very special cushion for a colleague who is retiring but more about that in another post!

We went to an amazing fabric shop in Soho called Cloth House where my sister managed to purchase just what she needed for her project. Then it was off to John Lewis where I bought some more threads!
We met up with family, had a late lunch and a good time was had by all.
Saturday evening was food, wine and Strictly, Just a great end to the day

Yesterday it was a beautiful morning and I went for my favourite walk into Richmond.

Walked up the hill...

...a lovely flowering hedge..

beautiful leaves on the wet pavement...

..the top of the hill, what a view and in a few weeks it will be completely different!

I meandered through the park which is so well cared for....

so beautiful..

The Thames is in the centre....

Shame about the graffiti! Quite unusual in this park.
I arrive for my walk along the Thames. It is bustling with cyclists, joggers, dog walkers and families enjoying the views and autumn sunshine...

I arrived at an Artisan Market and bought some delicious olives for lunch, then on to the new Wholefoods shop for more interesting foods and managed to arrive home before the rain started!!

My lovely daughter and niece arrived, a little damp, and we enjoyed lunch and a catch up and watched a film as the rain was really heavy at this point.

 Another brilliant day enjoying simple pleasures and catching up with family.

Off to see the Klee Exhibition in Tate Modern tomorrow, looking for inspiration for my course!!


  1. This is one of the most colourful trips to London. I've seen the cloth shop on line and I am envious of your little forage in there ..... but not as totally green around the gills as I'll be when you've been to the Klee exhibition. I always used his work with the children when I was teaching. I can only imagine the depth of the colours. Have a fantastic time with your family. xxx

  2. So envious of the most beautiful walk through Richmond Park,the colours look breathtaking. Congratulations on reaching 100 blogs, looking forward to reading the next 100 always of interest. Enjoy the rest of your stay x