Tuesday 29 October 2013

Another Busy Day

29th October 2013

I was up early and my mind was buzzing with tasks I needed to do so I sat down with my coffee and made a list, a very long list! There is a great deal of satisfaction crossing tasks off a list and this helps me not to 'freak out'.

I finished my Unit 4 sketchbook so it now just needs packaging and posting.... I stitched up some baby hats (my least favourite task!) and posted them in my Facebook Shop.

I love this hat..

This is the pattern ....

..for this hat.

I made up this design!

Next on my list was Christmas cake so I measured the fruit, added the brandy and this will soak overnight. 

This is the well used recipe, I was given this cookery book 30 years ago, hence the state of it!

I then made a Tiffin tray bake, my youngest son's favourite so it won't last long!

Perhaps tomorrow I will be creative again, not sure what to select off my list.....


  1. You have been busy, I must start my cake this week a well. Didn't make one last year and it just didn't feel right.