Thursday 17 October 2013


17th October 2013

Another busy day, Pilates, washing, ironing, shopping and best of all playing!!

I used my soldering iron to make some Christmas Trees, probably for cards, and making a decoration for my Unit 4 sketchbook.

Middle tree using polyester lining, 3 layers, outer trees have organza over the lining. I quite like the effect of the organza, it looks frosty.

My Unit 4 sketch book needed a tie so I made one using braided organza with tassels on the end!
Also from the same organza made the flower decoration using Bondaweb to attach.

Next I wanted to do something with my 'raspberry ripple' silk creation (can't really call it paper!)

I had some thin pelmet vilene in my stash and cut 2 squares and ironed onto the silk, one on each side.

I made 3 braids with the Throwsters Waste silk and stitched onto the square, then decorated with programmed stitches.

Thought it might look good on the cover of  a drawing book.

No blog tomorrow as I am travelling down to London to visit my lovely family!!

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  1. As always beautiful work.Have a safe journey and enjoy the breakaway with your lovely family.