Sunday 27 October 2013

More Silk Paper

27th October 2013

I woke at the usual time!!

I have been busy all day on my secret project and also making more silk paper as my order for silk tops arrived when I was away.

I made some slightly thicker sheets as I would like to stitch on them, not sure what yet, but probably flowers!

Tussah silk tops, space dyed silk tops and Mulberry tops...

..Tussah and Mulberry tops form the first layer on J cloth..

..then coloured tops ..

...cover with another cloth, pour near boiling water over and rub with a spoon then dip and squeeze in a medium of 1 part PVA to 5 parts water, twice..

...carefully remove cloth and allow to dry...

...this procedure took about 15 minutes.

The result when dry..

I made 3 more using this method...

..and one sheet using the iron method..

I am looking forward to stitching these sheets and making note-cards, I think!!!


  1. This looks pretty.It sounds as if you are pleased with the results.

  2. These papers are stronger than my first attempt, I am going to try coating a couple of pieces with acrylic wax and see what happens!!