Friday 11 October 2013

Braiding with Raffia and Silk Strips

11th October 2013

Happy Friday!!

I woke really early this morning buzzing with ideas!

7am I was at my machine making braids.

 I had intended to finish the petals but the light was so poor I thought I would leave it until I have bright natural light.

I used strands of this raffia to make a long braid by twisting the strands and sewing with a wide zigzag stitch....

selecting these threads....

one long braid...

..ta-da, a small raffia mat!!

Next time I would just use one colour of thread.
It was quite fiddling to start because the circle was so small and I didn't want to stitch my fingers!!
However once I got going it was okay. 
This was an idea from my Colouricious weekly newsletter, but the demonstrators used old tights instead of raffia.

Next I found some recycled silk sari strips of fabric and braided them in the same way...

..I love these colours...

I forgot to take a photo of the individual braids!

The braids were joined together with zigzag in a long strip which I cut into 4 pieces and joined to make a very textured colourful fabric-don't know quite what to do with it yet......

slightly different on each side...

.. and now I have to attack my MOUNTAIN of washing as my new washing machine has just arrived!
I can't believe how much washing has accumulated since Monday....

1 comment:

  1. Both samples are stunning. Each day something more exciting appears on here. It's wonderful.
    You seem to favour the vibrant pinks and purples at the moment and I love them.
    I bet the raffia braid would look great in some the the organza with the holes in it. (The one I think reminds me of Christmas.)
    Yesterday I saw a quilling comb in The Works which might be a good tool to help start off the raffia work. It would also be delightful when printing and dragging paint. You might already have something similar in your box of goodies!