Friday 25 October 2013

Edgings Using Soluble Fabric

25th October 2013

I think I have finished Unit 4!!

I have used organza for my edging with soluble fabric and it has been a learning curve!
I didn't allow enough soluble fabric around the edge of the organza on my first two samples and it was very difficult to hold the fabric while I was free machining.

Threads, fabric and soluble fleece..

...the soluble fleece has been dissolved in warm running water..

..not very good...

I used one of my soldering iron pieces....

..slightly better!!

I remembered to do a straight stitch then over stitch with a close zigzag..

..this might be an edging for a scarf.

I only need to put these into my sketchbook then can parcel up for Anne!


  1. Once again I am very impressed especially with the last piece, it all looks very complicated.

  2. Well done. It's so interesting to hear what goes well and what the struggles are.

  3. This course is a certainly a challenge!