Monday 30 September 2013

Unit 4 -Edges

29th September 2013

Good morning on this lovely Autumnal day, the colours are so beautiful, especially my Virginia Creeper.

I made cards with yesterday's embroidered flowers.

I am now working on Edges in Unit 4.
Fringed, Bound, Layered and your own ideas on decorated edges using everything except soluble fabric!!

I have used all my own dyed fabrics and yarns.

I fringed the edges of 4 squares of fabric :-hessian which is very easy to fringe, linen, cotton and lovely scrim. Scrim is so soft after it has been dyed and very easy to fringe and I also pulled threads from the centre of the fabric which gave texture. I free machined using zigzag stitch to secure.

Next I followed instructions for making a fringe- wind threads around a piece of card then gently remove and place along the bottom of fabric  and stitch. Fold the bottom edge under and stitch, the threads flop over and are then trimmed.

1st attempt using velvet and cotton/silk yarn. I plaited some yarn and couched this near the edge.

2nd attempt-using fringed linen and made the loops bigger to make a longer fringe and decorated the edge with  a programmed flower stitch.

It was quite fiddly getting the threads even!

Bound edges tomorrow....

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