Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A Brilliant Weekend

24th September 2013

I have had a GREAT weekend in London meeting up with all -well nearly all- the family.
My sister made a superb birthday lunch-Beef Wellington- and my daughter made a cake with lots of chocolate and fresh raspberries and 'roman candle' like candles! It all tasted delicious and there was little conversation when the food was served, always the sign of a good meal!

I was enjoying myself so much I forgot to take any photos of the food.

I made a card and bottle bag for the 'birthday boy' using hessian, soldering iron and simple stitching with some wool twine. The numbers are made from polyester/muslin and the braid from plaited wool twine.

This is my worst photo yet!! Sorry!

The bottle bad is made from hessian with  free machined 'Cheers' embroidered on the front and with  3 shades of  plaited wool twine to make the tie.

This is another sample for the holes in Unit 4 using the soldering iron, 3 layers of organza and a small circle template. I then chose a variety of coloured yarns in shades of red and green and machined them using zigzag stitch to make the braid. 

Maybe it could be used for a festive bookmark gift.