Thursday 26 September 2013

Experimenting with Soluble Fabric

26th September 2013

Had a busy day, supermarket, Pilates, ironing, making a big pot of minestrone soup and a couple of hours experimenting with soluble fabric and threads!

I decided to use my wonderful soldering iron to make a square aperture in 4 layers of green organza and stitch across the square using free machining and soluble fabric and my silver polyester thread as this does not keep breaking!!

Since I started this course I have never thrown any cut off threads away but keep them all in a special box.

 I decided to 'sandwich' some of these red, purple and sparkly threads with soluble fabric.
 I cut the threads into small pieces and stitched a grid with all the lines very close together, then traced a flower template and stitched again around the shape first with straight stitch then a close, fine zigzag.

I then stitched from the centre out to each petal, cut around the shape and held my breath as I washed this in warm water to dissolve the fabric!

 It worked and I was so pleased with the result.

 When I rinsed the square I saw that 2 of the 'spokes' were not attached!! I really must remember to check carefully in future.

These were still wet after rinsing but I have placed the flower on the square and am quite pleased with the result of my experiment...

I am looking forward to working on the next section of Unit 4 but will be too busy tomorrow baking and helping raise funds for MacMillan, so hopefully at the weekend.....

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  1. Wow. This is getting really exciting. I feel Christmas decorations coming on!