Saturday 7 September 2013

UNIT 4 !!!!

7th September 2013

I printed out my Unit 4 today and it looks really interesting and will certainly take me, yet again, out of my comfort zone!!

This unit includes making holes, soluble fabrics, edges, and cords and tassels.

I have never ever used a machine to make a button hole but I had to 'bite the bullet' today.
I had to follow the instructions from my manual-not easy- I find it much easier to be 'shown'.

I used felt to practise and for some unknown reason only the No 2 button hole setting seemed to be successful.

From left to right:-   top not quite right, kept sewing in the same spot, good except I cut the threads when making the opening!
The only success was with the simple programme.

The holes are the perfect size!!

I think I am going to need a lot of practise to produce samples from my ideas sheet!!

I also finished my wave cushion and am going to put it in the raffle at my friend's Macmillan Coffee Day.  

I think I will try the smaller wave next time.

I sent for a soldering iron today to experiment with making holes in man made fabrics. Can't wait to play.


  1. Just don't set fire to your home when playing with your new toy xxx

  2. Button holes look tricky.
    Overtime wave cushion. I wonder whatnot would be like using the heat shrinking fabric we saw at then NEC? It might be too much work just to shrink it?

  3. There wouldn't be a set pattern with the shrinking but I suppose it would be worth trying with the wavy stitch on my machine-food for thought...