Tuesday 3 September 2013

Sample Showing Programmed Stitches.

3rd September 2013

This is a sample using my ice dyed fabric and programmed stitches.

I used calico, muslin, cotton and velvet.

Most of my work has been 'square' so decided on rectangular for a change.

I made a template and fiddled around with the fabric until I had a variety of rectangular shapes in the fabric selection. I backed the fabric with Bondaweb and cut out, positioned then ironed in place.
This process took about an hour.

I then placed two rectangles of very fine muslin with frayed edges overlapping some of the shapes.
These were just stitched down the middle.

A variety of stitches and threads were used, some with a twin needle.

 This is my least favourite sample and I am not sure whether it is the rigid shape or being restricted to using only programmed stitches!! There is so much more freedom and flow when free machining.
 On reflection it can't be the straight lines but the rectangular shapes because I like my square sampler!

I have left my least favourite task in Unit 3 until last!! Drawing and collage and I don't think it will be on the blog.

I am also reviewing an e-book from vivebooks so watch this space....

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  1. I loved the colours and your machine has some pretty stitches, however I can imagine your frustrations at not being able to use the free machine embroidary. the twin needle creates a superb effect.