Tuesday 10 September 2013

Experimenting with Button Hole Stitch

10th September 2013

The first part of Unit 4 is about 'making holes'.

I practised using my automatic button hole stitch, again on felt.

A couple weren't successful for no apparent reason-good job I wasn't finishing a garment!!

I then used a variety of green yarns to weave randomly. (forgot to take a photo as I was enjoying playing). 
Next I couched some of the threads and to finish plaited 3 strands for the edging which was couched using red thread and a wide, long zigzag.

Not quite sure whether I like the result , too busy, but the idea might look effective in black/white.

I used some linen and made my own button holes as I had more control of the length  but the ends were not perfect so ended up' zigzagging' them a couple of times- it wouldn't pass a dressmaking exam but was effective in this project!

I stitched 4 long button holes which crossed in the middle( forgot photo!) then took some of my hand dyed yarn to weave through the slits. I used a raised embroidery stitch method and liked the effect, not perfect but an interesting idea for texture.

Again working on linen I made a cross using a narrow zigzag and larger space but didn't cut this time, instead I free machined a pattern which I had drawn out in my sketch book.I was quite pleased with the result.

Becoming a little more confident I followed another of my ideas to make a fish shape. I folded a piece of wadding into my dyed cotton fabric, marked the design with an air soluble pen, chose a variegated thread, experimented with stitch width and this is the result.....

I then chose linen and cotton from my dyed stash-will have to do some more dyeing- and used uncut button holes to make shapes...

I cut shapes, folded/rolled back the fabric and stitched......

The 'boat' was a complete surprise, the rolled fabric gave a 3D effect. 

These are the results of 3 hours of PLAY!!!

Lots of ideas whizzing in my head, think I might be digressing again!!!!


  1. Wow! What a lot of playing and experimenting. The boats would look great as little cards.
    I also think the 'busy' first experiment would be fab in black and white. maybe there could be a sprinkling of shiny buttons too.
    well done Irene.

  2. Thank you Joannne, watch the blog tomorrow for black and white.