Friday 20 September 2013

Last of Unit 4 Holes.

20th September 2013

I decided to use hessian as a backing for my orange ice dyed fabric as I love the texture and it fringes very easily.

My first design..

free stitched...

second design.. I cut 'flower shapes..

stitched with a variety of threads...

once again apologies for the photos!!

No posts until Wednesday as I am meeting up with my lovely family in London for a celebration birthday lunch!!


  1. Ooo, the first picture reminds me of a jigsaw.
    I love the contrast between the hessian and the linen.
    Have a wonderful trip to London.

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  3. The hessian proved to be quite easy to work with so I used it to make the birthday boy a card and bottle gift bag. These will be on the blog next week.