Friday, 27 September 2013

Frustrating Threads!!

27th September 2013

Yesterday I started a leaf shape on Solu-Fleece.

I tried 5 different threads and shades for an Autumn leaf and it took me over an hour.... the thread kept breaking, the needle broke, I tried different needles but I still had the problem! I then read all the labels on the threads, cotton and polymide/polyester and the silver metallic thread, the latter was the only one that worked really well, and that was 100% polyester.
So an expensive lesson as I have bought the threads over time by choosing the colours I thought would be useful!!
I will pay a lot more attention next time and choose Gutterman 100% polyester.
Grumble over!

I stitched the outline in free straight stitch then over sewing with narrow/close zigzag. ( I didn't want a stretchy outline!!)
I then stitched 'veins' and thought I had been really careful joining these to the outline.

I was quite pleased with the effect after all the frustration......

until I soaked in warm water to dissolve the soluble....

and discovered that after taking care to make sure the stitching was all attached IT WASN'T!!!

I am determined to use this for something but will have to overstitch to attach.

SO the soluble fabric work will have to be put on hold until I have bought a selection of Polyester threads.

I am now going to decorate my cakes for the Macmillan coffee afternoon and perhaps tomorrow will start on the 'Edges' part of the unit, hope it will be less frustrating....