Friday 27 September 2013

Frustrating Threads!!

27th September 2013

Yesterday I started a leaf shape on Solu-Fleece.

I tried 5 different threads and shades for an Autumn leaf and it took me over an hour.... the thread kept breaking, the needle broke, I tried different needles but I still had the problem! I then read all the labels on the threads, cotton and polymide/polyester and the silver metallic thread, the latter was the only one that worked really well, and that was 100% polyester.
So an expensive lesson as I have bought the threads over time by choosing the colours I thought would be useful!!
I will pay a lot more attention next time and choose Gutterman 100% polyester.
Grumble over!

I stitched the outline in free straight stitch then over sewing with narrow/close zigzag. ( I didn't want a stretchy outline!!)
I then stitched 'veins' and thought I had been really careful joining these to the outline.

I was quite pleased with the effect after all the frustration......

until I soaked in warm water to dissolve the soluble....

and discovered that after taking care to make sure the stitching was all attached IT WASN'T!!!

I am determined to use this for something but will have to overstitch to attach.

SO the soluble fabric work will have to be put on hold until I have bought a selection of Polyester threads.

I am now going to decorate my cakes for the Macmillan coffee afternoon and perhaps tomorrow will start on the 'Edges' part of the unit, hope it will be less frustrating....


  1. It looks like the soluble stuff is quite challenging. I imagine that the stitching might need to be quite dense?
    Once I've mastered free machining I might give it a go.

  2. It is really good when you have the right thread! I loved the effect with the silver thread over the holes in the organza. I am sure you will really enjoy free machining.