Wednesday 25 September 2013

Printing and Soluble Fabric

25th September 2013

I was gardening in my local park this morning and very satisfying it was too.

Then took our dog for a long walk along the promenade.

Next decided to print my 'pilates' t-shirt with one of my favourite wooden blocks.

        close up....

I had to paint grass around the tree with a fine brush as I pressed too hard on the block when I was printing and made a smudge but I think it looks okay!

I then printed, using my flower block, on cotton muslin scrim and am hoping to use free machining to enhance. I intend to make cards....

I then 'bit the bullet' and had a go at soluble fabric, the next part of Unit 4.

I used Solu-Fleece soluble fabric with a piece of triple organza from last weeks play with my soldering iron.

I encased the organza with the soluble fabric and stitched using a fine silver metallic thread and it worked really well.

Then I dissolved the fabric in warm water and this is the result...

it was a good learning curve as the second from the bottom was not very successful as I had used zigzag but not remembered to make a straight stitch first so the zigzag lines stretched when the soluble fabric was removed! Also the third from the top did not catch the sides but still looks okay!
I was quite pleased with the result and will try something different tomorrow if I have time!!

I am really enjoying combining various techniques to produce something original. 


  1. The last piece of work pictured is beautiful, not to say that I am not impressed by the others as well. I stand in awe of of your artistic outcomes.

  2. What a great experiment and as you have already said there are so many lessons to learn along the way. I love the idea of filling the holes rather that just using the soluble fabric to make a fringe.
    My imagination conjured up webs and portholes as a title. Perhaps it was yesterdays dusting that got me thinking along those lines?