Sunday 16 June 2013

Starting Unit 3 !!

16th June 2013

I woke really early this morning and decided to make my coffee and have a play with various papers.

 This is for the Texture and Form section but I think I went off at a tangent as I often do!!

I really enjoyed cutting, layering, rolling, scrunching the papers, it reminded me of my early teaching days with my Reception class cutting and sticking to develop fine motor skills.

Remember these?

The cone in the centre of this display is made by cutting out decreasing circles and gluing. I think I may try some of these layering techniques with fabric on Bondaweb.

The flower is my favourite and this could definitely be made using different fabrics. I am thinking scrim, muslin and organza. The centre of the flower is screwed up tissue, the stem is rolled and twisted silk paper and the leaf is glued cling film and PVA glue.
The shape on the left of the flower was made by rolling paper then cutting into small pieces.

I have also washed and ironed scrim, calico, linen and muslin ready for dyeing-another  task in Unit 3.

Now I must bake a Victoria sponge for my husband's Father's Day treat, think I'll use fresh raspberries instead of jam!!


  1. This unit looks so exciting and I too love your flower! Can't wait to start the unit - will have to get a move on with unit 2!

  2. I am sure you will love your Unit 1 techniques in colour.