Friday 28 June 2013

More whip stitch and lavender sachets

28th June 2013

 Another wellies and waterproofs day so I spent 3 very pleasant hours stitching and creating!!

I made up some more lavender bags, very relaxing and I posted some photos of them on the 'lookwhativemade' site.

I do hope these sell at the craft fair or family and friends will be having them for presents!!

I then experimented with Whip Stitch.

I used cotton fabric with a thick fabric backing as I didn't want to use a hoop because it sometimes catches on the foot or machine.

I thought I would start with normal tension with purple thread on top and variegated pink in the bobbin.
 I increased the top tension on each new row of stitching, there was some difference but the stitch wasn't as textured as on the silk. I think it must have been the thickness of the fabric and the effect is much better with a plain thread.

I then used the same cotton fabric without the backing. The stitch was much more textured but I still didn't like the variegated thread. I had difficulty holding the fabric so did not have as much control over the lines.

My last piece was worked on muslin using a hoop!!

I had a much better result. I had cream thread on top and red or green in the bobbin. I also tried a variegated metallic thread in the bobbin for the heart shape and have finally decided that a plain thread is much more effective.

Again the faster the machine and slower the hoop movement the better the result.

I think this stitch will be really useful for landscapes and outlining and is easier than cable stitch as you can see the result immediately.

I think I might make a Cow Parsley picture tomorrow. Until then have a good weekend.

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