Monday 17 June 2013

Dyeing a variety of fabrics

17th June 2013

Another section of Unit 3 involves dyeing fabrics.

I remembered the rubber gloves this time!!
 Anne gives very clear instructions for making and applying the dye. Procion powder dye is mixed with a saline and soda solution and water. The fabrics are layered in a container (cat litter tray) and the dye is spooned over the fabrics. I decided to use yellow, red and blue thinking where the dyes blended I would also have purple, green and orange! It didn't quite work out the way I planned but I should know this by now. The results when using dyes is ALWAYS a surprise!

Fabrics before dyeing. I used white muslin, ecru coloured muslin, scrim, linen, calico white cotton velvet and bamboo and silk yarn.

This is what they looked like immediately after I added the dye.

This was left for 30 mins then rinsed until the water was clear. I then put it on a quick cycle in my machine to wash it.

I certainly had some surprises!!
 The ecru muslin did not take at all but the white muslin did.

The best result colour wise was the cotton velvet with the linen coming close second and I love the colours in the yarn but I am not sure whether I will be able to untangle it!!

Results after washing.
                                                                Cotton velvet





                                                                  Bamboo/silk yarn

A lot of surprises.

Not sure yet how I am going to use them but I am determined to try something interesting!!

I think next time I will halve the quantities used, both fabric and dye and probably just use 2 colours.

I have really enjoyed the experimenting and am wondering whether the colours will be as bright when the fabric is dry. I will tell you tomorrow.

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