Tuesday 4 June 2013

Fabric and stitch collage

4th June 2013

Another lovely day, the sun is shining, wispy clouds and a pleasant breeze.
My husband, Jack(our dog) and I went for a long walk along the beach-we all paddled and it was a great way to spend a couple of hours.

This afternoon I decided to attempt the task of a collage from a photo!

I chose a photo that I took at Chesil Beach at Easter, the photo conjures happy memories of time spent with my family.

I started the task with a piece of white linen, then searched for fabrics and yarns I thought my prove useful. My collection included yarns in various shades and textures, scrim(I had previously 'rusted' this fabric in an experiment with vinegar and rusty bolts), a scarf found in a charity shop and blue/white organza.

I proceeded to cut shapes in the appropriate fabric and free machined this in place. I used a twin needle with zigzag and I liked the effect until the needle broke!!

To make the pebble beach effect (hopefully) I used the scrim, thick handmade paper and 4 different threads and two yarns. The stitches I used were straight in a circular motion, and zigzag. I really enjoyed this process and it was difficult to decide when to stop!!

For the white waves I used 2 different yarns and lots of zigzag and again circular stitches. I also snipped some of the stitches and yarns to create texture. 
I enjoyed this exercise although I was dreading it!

This photo isn't very good for colour and I must admit I think the stitched picture looks better at a distance and might frame it when it has been assessed.

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